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John Ongoa Matara

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  • Real name: John Ongoa Matara
  • Stage name: John Ongoa Matara with a networth of KES 1 million
  • Date of birth: 13th October 1989
  • John Ongoa Matara Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • John Ongoa Matara's Age: 35 years old as of Feb 2024
  • Social Media: Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok
  • Website:
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Kenya and Tribe/Birth place is Kisii Tribe
  • Education: Graduate and Career/Profession is Other Professionals
John Ongoa Matara's Biography in Summary

John Matara is a serial killer in Kenya as has been proven by the ongoing investigations. The murderer of socialite Starlet Wahu and many other victims was caputured on CCTV lodging into their Airbnb room before the night of the killing.

Starlet Wahu, the sister to Pastor Kanyari was found ina pool of blood on 29th of December 2023.

More victims of John Ongoa Matara have made statements to detectives at the Makadara sub-county police headquarters four days after his arrest, alleging that the suspect assaulted, tortured, and sodomized them before stealing their money and leaving them with life-threatening injuries.

The suspects, some of whom reported the incident seven months ago, accuse the police of being too slow in their investigation, claiming that the suspect could have been apprehended before causing further harm and death.

On Saturday, more victims came forward to write statements about the main suspect's assaults and attempts on their lives, giving the investigation a new twist.

The most recent complainant reported to the Makadara sub-county headquarters, alleging that she became a victim of the suspect on December 29 of the previous year, just days after connecting on a dating platform.

The victim recounted a harrowing experience, describing how she met Matara on a dating website and subsequently booked an Airbnb, where he subjected her to a violent attack while demanding access to her financial accounts.

"I encountered this individual on a dating site; he appeared friendly and even took me to an Airbnb," one of Matara’s victims shared with Citizen TV.

"During the night, he began strangling me and demanded my MPESA statements."

"He attempted to strangle me severely…"

Initial police findings suggest that Matara might be a serial offender targeting women through online dating platforms.

"He did harmful things to me and demanded access to my accounts, instructing me to transfer money to him," the victim recounted the incident.

Upon learning of the murder of Starlet Wahu, the victim, who wished to remain anonymous, identified Matara as the assailant, confirming that he matched the person she had encountered.

"It is the same individual; the number posted by DCI is the same person. I can testify that I used to transfer money to him, who is John Ongoa Mtara," the victim added.

These shocking revelations follow the burial of Starlet Wahu, who was murdered in an Airbnb in Nairobi's South B and laid to rest at her parents' home in Ruai's Kamulu area just two days after her lifeless body was discovered.

A video captured Starlet Wahu and John Matara entering an elevator within the Papino apartment block before reaching the fourth floor and proceeding to their rented Y32 room for the night.

"They booked the apartment, and at 4 am, the incident occurred," said Judy Nyongesa, Makadara OCPD, addressing the media.

Police found Wahu's lifeless body in a pool of blood in the flat after the Airbnb's security reported the incident. Matara left the premises hastily on Thursday morning, wearing bloodstained clothes, and was apprehended at Mbagathi Hospital, where he was being treated for a self-inflicted stab wound to the stomach, believed to mislead investigators.

Police suspect he intentionally inflicted the wound on himself.

"When the police arrived at the scene, blood was gushing out of her thigh," Nyongesa noted.

Wahu succumbed to excessive bleeding from stabbing, according to a post-mortem examination. The crime scene indicated signs of a struggle, with a chaotic and disorganized setting. Police discovered HIV testing kits, used condoms, bhang, a bottle of alcohol, and a blood-stained kitchen knife believed to be the murder weapon.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) announced on Sunday evening that their investigation points to "a possible serial sexual offender who thrives on blackmailing his victims." The agency encourages more witnesses to come forward and provide statements to their detectives regarding such brutal attacks.


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