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Zuchu addresses rumors of being 'nyumba ndogo'


In her latest song nyumba ndogo, Zuchu is advocating for the rights of the second wife which raised eyebrows of her fans. They were questioning if she (Zuchu) is herself a mpango wa kando. Stirring up the rumours was when she was assaulted and left injured. Her fans concluded that it was the first wife who assaulted her.

In an interview with Wasafi FM, Zuchu cleared up the rumours and said she is not a second wife and single. The sukari singer added that the song was pure creativity and there wasn’t any connection to her real life. The injuries that she had sustained were from the Ramadhan celebrations, claimed Zuchu.

Zuchu is Muslim and with marriage matters, she can be married as a second or a third wife to a man because her religion allows her to. In matters of faith, she turned down an ambassadorship on an alcoholic drink because it does not go with her religion.

On 21st August Zuchu will be having a performance in Zanzibar which is her home, ‘Zuchu homecoming’ and alongside her will be her mother, Khadija Kopa, Jux, Lulu Diva among other artists.

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