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Why Tabasuri DT Sacco "Jawabu tunalo"


Tabasuri DT (Deposit Taking) Sacco is a licensed deposit taking Sacco registered since 1983 as a Co-operative Savings and Credit Society. The Society is based in Mombasa and currently has over 6,000 members drawn from various institutions and general public from all over the country.

For over 30 years, the Sacco has continued to offer members opportunities for economic growth through value added and competitive financial services. 

Our Back Office (BOSA) and Front Office (FOSA) sections has diversified products and services to meet all member's needs effectively.

The Sacco strives to meet all members' financial needs through products and services that meets our core values of Transparency, Equity, Integrity, Teamwork and Innovation.

Vision: To be the best institution in the provision of socio-economic solutions.

Mission: To socially and economically empower our members through the provision of unique and diversified quality products and services.

Membership and Contribution.                          Membership in Tabasuri DT Sacco is open to:-   - Public Institution Employees.                          - Public and Private Sector employees.            - Business people and Corporate                          organizations

Some of the benefits of membership in Tabasuri DT Sacco include:- Accumulation of savings through deposit contribution. *Loan facilities at low interest rates *Investment opportunities and ownership, *Competitive returns on investments, *Education and training on financial management.

How to Join Tabasuri DT Sacco                        You will be required to provide the following important documents:-                                *Copy of the National Identity Card.              *Two color Passport size photos                  *Copy of the PIN certificate may be required *Registration fees of 1100/=               *Minimum Balance of 500/= for account Opening.                                                         *Initial monthly contributions of shares 100/=, deposits 1000/= and insurance 140/= totalling to 1240/=

Partnerships.                                              *KMFRI (Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute)                                *KUSCCO Ltd                                                     *CIC Group Limited                                          *Co-operative Bank of Kenya and many others

On loss of a member, the society will a vail twice the members deposit to their nominees, a funeral rider of 50,000/= will also be provided, where a member had outstanding loans they will be written off and the member has to be active to benefit. 

Some of the accounts include:                  Fixed Deposit Account                              *Deposit can be made via M-pesa                *ATM card provided                                *Minimum savings of 10,000/=

Bakisha Savings Account                            *Save as little as 100/= per day through pay bill for free                                                        *Earns high interest rates per annum withdrawal limited to 3 times per year 

Childrens Savings Account                        *Enables savings for child's expenses such as education, shopping, vacations, medical care and birthdays                                    *Targets new born babies/children under 18 years                                                       *Maximum of 3 withdrawals per annum *Attractive interest rates                          *Parents' documents and child birth certificate required at opening Home banking (Piggy bank) facility Save upto 20,000/= and get a free birthday cake

Mwananchi Micro-finance program                  A unique micro savings and credit program designed to inspire groups such as Chamas, CBOs and Investment Clubs to explore their savings potential. These savings then allow the members access to affordable credit facilities.                                        Requirements                                    *Membership in an active group with legal documents                                            *Members must join as a group of minimum 5 members                                                        *All members must join Tabasuri DT Sacco membership opening a Mwananchi Savings account Minimum weekly contribution of 435/= per member 

For more enquiries call (+254) 708-299805, (+254) 701-558474 or visit Twitter handle @TabasuriDTSACCO, 

By @Omondii_Jr 




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