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Why Kenyan University Students Do Not Want to Leave Campus


You will think that it is because of the careless life they live and the fun they have while taking their undergraduate degrees and diplomas but no that is not the case.Once you have been introduced to that life you can still continue living it but purely by choice.Have you never seen a fourty year old party like they are 16?.Kenyan students prefer staying in the campus even after they have finished their course.They will find ways to postone their graduation but why is it so?

Hard work pays

We expect after doing hard work that we will bear fruits of our own labour but is that the case in Kenya?Getting into the university is not simple,it requires you to pass the Kenya Certificate Secondary Education(K.C.S.E).That is not the end,the second part is the course selection which keeps on changing per year according to perfomance.One may have the university entry grade but they might not have balanced their subject therefore settling for courses they did not want.After such kind of struggle,the students expect when they finish their courses and get good jobs.Their wish is dor their hard work to be payed through employment but that never happens which creates fear in them.

There are no jobs in Kenya

It is frustrating when they see the alumni of their schools being shown on the television begging in the streets for loose coin.This makes the start to lag in their education and loosing hope in the system.In seek of basic needs,graduates go for construction jobs,hawking and other non professional jobs.When the students see their friends not making it life after campus then they opt to continue staying in school.

University has resources and opportunities

Most Kenyan colleges and campuses offer students accomodation for a small amount of fee.The hostlels will provide you with water and electricity unlike when you rent your own house where all those have to be paid for seperately.When it comes to food,you will still have to buy either way but in the university it will be cheaper.Like a piece of ugali costing you only ksh.10 and veges ksh.5.When you go in the real world,the cheapest ugali costs you ksh.25 and veges ksh.20 and that is in a food kiosk.‚Äčkiosk.As a student,you can apply for HELB and have some money but once you have graduated that is off the table.The University offers opportunities such as studying foreign languages,writing courses ,community development e.t.c which are absolutely free.The opportunities still exist outside campus but if not in the student gap,you have to pay to access them.

How they do it

A student will stay in the university for six years go complete a course that was meant to be four years.They will call off their semesters with reasons such as sickness,being unable to pay fees which is not always true.Others take less units per semester so as to prolong their time in the University.


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