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What to expect when you marry a learned woman


In the earlier days, women used to be ‘good’ wives is a common phrase that has been said more than once. The question is who is a good wife? Charles told me that he is going to leave his wife because she is not a good wife. Then I popped him the question. According to him, a good wife is one who is fully submissive to a man and does not question her man’s decision. ‘Like a puppet’ I asked.

“When you say a puppet it sounds like a programmed person. She should not totally agree with everything at the moment, but when disagreeing, she should do it rationally because most of the times I am the one who is always right” He answered

I instantly knew that he was having issues with his manhood and wanted to be tapped on the back and be told that he was the man was not going to give him that pleasure. So I told him that if he wanted someone to agree with him on everything, then he should have married someone who was unlearned.

Men want classy women, women who have high education levels but do not want to accept the whole package that comes with it. Pride aside, but how can you ask a learned woman to prepare you a shower after you have both had long days at work. Preparing the shower is not the problem, of course she will do it but it’s not her obligation. She does it when she pleases.To men,a good wife is one who takes care of their chores on their behalf.

You have both woken up at 6 am, you are supposed to be at work at 7am.You want to ask her to make breakfast, press your clothes, prepare you a shower and still clean the house and still go to work. How is that possible? Is she built of steel?

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