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What to consider when choosing a house to rent


Are you thinking of moving from your parents’ house into rentals? Perhaps you want to move from your old rental into a different one. Here are the factors that you should look when  renting a property.

The location

Which location do you want your house to be? What estate, is it going to be near the town, away from the town or in the town? Is the house located near a river or near the forest? If the house is near a river, has it been built well so that when it rains it does not drown? If the house is near a forest then are wild animals likely to invade the house or is it wild animals proof?

Social amenities

After you look at the location, then the next thing is the social amenities, this includes the work, school, hospital, shopping and religion Centre. How far will it be from work, will you reach at work on time or will you be stuck in the traffic? If you have children going to school then the house should be a reasonable distance from the house. Emergencies happen that is why the hospital should be within reach. The grocery and supply store should be close to the house so that you don’t hustle so much when getting supplies.


Is the neighborhood secure or you have to sleep with one eye open? An area may have to three police posts but still be insecure, and although an area may be insecure, the property may have taken security measures into action such as hiring security, cctv etc.

The make of the house

What kind of house do you want? Do you want a bed sitter, a single room, a one bedroom or a five bedroom? Do you want to rent an own compound house? Which floor of the building do you prefer? What about the design of the house? The sizes of the rooms, if the house is receiving natural lighting, the materials that built the house is what you are to be looking at.

The price

Price is not the first on the list because as much as it is important, other factors have to be put into consideration. The above factors play a major factor in determining the rent price. A house with a security guard will of course have to be more pricer than the house without. A one bedroom apartment could be ksh. 8000 in one estate and in another estate it will be ksh.20000.

The management of the house

After you are satisfied with the choosing of the location and are ready to settle then you should inquire about the management so that you know to whom you will be handing over the rent cheque. In case there is a repair needed in the house then you will know who you have to approach.

  These are just few factors and there are much more things to consider. Moving into a new house is a very important decision and should be not rushed. Be careful too, when searching the houses especially when a third party is involved. There are some people who pose as property managers and you pay money to them when in real sense they are conartist. Change is inevitable too, you can’t expect for the conditions to be exactly similar to your previous house. There are some things that will improve and for some you will have to settle.


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