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What happens when the music gets too loud


    If you live in Mombasa then you know Mtwapa matatus and yes I know Mtwapa is in Kilifi .These Matatus are different from those going to Docks, Mjengo Bamburi and stuff. You will notice that they are decorated in an exaggerated manner with images of celebrities, public figures and with controversial quotes. What is a quote like ‘mwanaume ni wallet sura wachia wanawake’ doing in a public vehicle? Some of them are insults and others erotica.

     Have you entered inside these vehicles? It is a rave 24/7 with loud music of all the hits on radio displaying on a screen. When the darkness hit, there are club lights inside, with all the good music, you need not go clubbing when you are in these vehicles. The club experience has been brought to you.

This is in fact a win because you head home in a relaxed way and all the work stress is swept away but this is not the case for the person sitting next to me. When I entered the vehicle it wasn’t dark so the club lights in the vehicle were off. The playlist was of the Christian songs associated with a certain denomination. With my neighbor singing along, I assumed that she belonged to that denomination.

With the evening jam, darkness came and the lights were put on. This did not bother my neighbor much but when the playlist was switched from Christian to secular then war came.

“Why have you changed the playlist, kindly switch to Christian songs” She requested

“The playlist is automatic, we are not the once who control it “the conductor answered calmly

“Can it be switched off?” in a high tone. The conductor nodded.

“Then better switch it off because this is satanic. Are we in a Satan’s den or we are in a matatu. Those images of naked people are the once that destroy this generation. What are these lights for? They are destroying our eyes. “She was exploding.

The driver who not paying attention was told the conductor to open the door and that woman should get off the vehicle.

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