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The road to persistance


I was reading the bible somewhere in Luke, there is a story of a certain woman who wanted to see the judge on a certain matter and the judge wouldn’t see her instead she was chase away by the security guards. The more they chased this woman the more she kept returning to the judge daily until she was finally attended to. It is not recorded how many times but I like to believe that they were a lot. As a person of faith you get a lesson that you are supposed to persistence in life.

Now relate to the current life

Judges are one of the most people in power and for you to see them you have to like have an appointment which it’s probably already booked. So let’s say you got lucky and booked one after three weeks of your request. Then on reaching the judge he will tell you that you have not passed through the right channels so he referrers you to another person and the next time you are legible to see him is in a months’ time. So you wait for that month. By going to these channels will you be following the Bibles teachings or not?

Follow the judge daily

The woman in the Bible followed the judge daily, so you make it a mission to follow him in his office daily. Will you leave to see the next day? You will be suspected of being a terrorist and a spy sent to assassinate the judge. Better yet, is it not called stalking when you follow people around all the time? Which will get you some sentence and a restraining order and so how will the judge attend to your case if you are not allowed to see them


My mistake was taking the parable very literal. The parables in the bible both have the literal meaning and the figurative meanings. Sometimes but not always is the literal meaning important. The parable indeed teaches how to be persistent. There is one thing we have to consider before deciding to be persistent. Is what you are persisting on worth it? If it is a worthy cause then the Bible encourages you to continue but if not then quit it.



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