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The hunter becomes haunted as Caroline Kagongo kills herself.


Caroline Kagongo has been found dead in her parent's home in Elgoyo Marakwet. She was found sitting on the floor, her back the wall with a gun in her hand and a gun wound on her head, which concludes as a suicide, but it is yet to  be established. The investigation is ongoing. She had eloped after allegedly committing the murders of two men and has since not been found until today morning. 


 Mike Sonko, former Nairobi governor, had sympathized with the cop killer Caroline Kagongo. For Mike Sonko, he thought that one of Caroline's lovers had infected her with a disease(AIDS), and she did not know who and so she had to kill them all. To Sonko, Caroline was a victim and not a fugitive. His Senior Counsel John Khaminwa represented her in court, although she had not been found yet.

"……At times some men(not all) are the reason why women react out of conduct due to relationship stress.Ukijua hali yako wacha kusambazia innocent women.”

“….lazima kati ya hao machali zake kuna mmoja alimpea kitu mbaya na hakujua ninani”

That was Mike Sonko's take. But, on the other hand, Caroline's family had pleaded with her to surrender herself to the authority and apologize to the families of her alleged victims.

What happened to Caroline Kagongo?

For the past one week, she had not been seen or heard of, and even though the police were searching for her, she had not been found. Her family was straight from the beginning and did not side with her, pleading her to hand herself to the cops. Caroline was aware of her family's stand but chose to go to them either way. Was it to say her goodbyes?Did she meet the family but her family threatened to turn her in and so she resote to kill herself?

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