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The biography and life of Starlet Wahu, her murderer and reason for murder


On Friday, authorities apprehended a suspect linked to the brutal killing of socialite Starlet Wahu Mwangi, reportedly the younger sister of a controversial evangelical pastor in the city. Wahu's lifeless body was discovered in an Airbnb in South B, Nairobi, where she and the alleged murderer had been observed entering on the night of January 3.

A postmortem examination revealed that Wahu, aged 26, had been strangled and had suffered a deep cut wound on her thigh, severing a vein. The autopsy indicated significant blood loss as the cause of her death.

The apartment's security guard noticed the man leaving the premises the following day with bloodstained clothes. Unlike his arrival when he was accompanied, he left alone, appearing distressed and nursing a leg injury. The guard contacted the property owner, who, upon arriving, found the unit locked. Using a spare key, they opened the door to discover Wahu's lifeless, naked body in the disturbed room, suggestive of a struggle.

Upon police intervention, a knife, two HIV test kits, and a used condom were recovered from the scene. Makadara police chief Judith Nyongesa reported that the woman had bled to death due to a cut vein connected to the heart.

The assailant had fled the scene, but he was later arrested at a city hospital seeking medical attention. The suspect claimed that the deceased woman had attacked him, leading to a fatal altercation. He exhibited injuries on his legs and hands.

The suspect appeared in court on Friday, where the police successfully obtained custodial orders to detain him for 21 days. CCTV footage captured the final moments of the victim, showing her with a man in a denim shirt checking into an apartment. They took a lift to their rented room, appearing jovial and engaged in conversation. The motive behind the murder is currently under investigation.

The murderer of Starlet Wahu has now been identified as John Matara who's profile has been  identified as a serial killer. He lures women from popular dating apps, robs them their money and escapes after abusing them sexually. On this particular day, it was Starlet's turn but many other victims have come out to confess the man is a perpetrator in such occurrences.

Startlet was born in Kamulu Ruai in 1998 and died at the age of 26 years. She is a kikuyu by tribe and siblings include pastor Kanyari, a popular televanjelist. Starlet wahu was a socialite and an instagram model before she met her death on 29th December 2023.

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