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Stop frustrating men with their penis size.


The size of the genitals does not define a man. A man is a man whether he is small or huge. Having a small sized penis does not make you less of a man. Men have gone to great lengths to increase their genitals so as to please women. They call the witchdoctors and wizards for solutions on the same. They will just apply anything on them to increase their sizes. How big is big and how small is small?

It is dangerous.

Steroids are commonly used to increase it down there which may work for a while but in the long term they will harm you. Some of the effects are low libido, infertility and cancer risk. It is a risk worth taking? Most of the penis enlargement oils and drugs are illegal because of their effects on the human body.

Size has nothing to do with game.

Game is just game. The sex techniques purely depend with the participants and not with the size of the penis. There is a common stereotype that men with huge penises are better in bed and those with smaller ones are poor in bed. It is just a myth and there is no truth in it. If someone is a poor performer, he is just a poor performer and size won’t affect.

    Women should appreciate the sizes of their men rather than intimidate them. Although untrue, men believe their manhood is in their sex organs and once you start making fun of their sizes you might just break their ego for good. When more than one woman comments on the small size of a man’s junk, it sticks to his brain and makes them have a low self-esteem. It may make them be afraid of having sex ever again in their life or resorting to dangerous methods of increasing their sizes

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