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STAR Structure: Behaviors and Processes


Characterization and classification

At my last team, I was the wedding planners' assistant in a wedding committee. In one of the meetings, I worked with the road crew and installed an arch for the wedding. The group was organized, and things operated systematically. One of the features was how communications trickled down in an organized manner; the group would meet every weekend and deliberate on various issues; if a follow-up was to follow, it was channeled out fairly across. Another characteristic was the quick resolution of any misunderstanding in the next meeting which Baker and Patti (2019) recommend successful teamwork.

Would I consider this team a functional/successful experience?

The group successfully planned a wedding without mishaps making it both a functional and successful team experience. To demonstrate this, on the weekend, we went to install an arch; we realized the courier had delivered the wrong one; with no time for another delivery, we had to think on our feet. We had to act quickly, and overnight, I realized we could improvise foliage to make a do-it-yourself wedding arch. After evaluations from the team, we agreed and toiled overnight to achieve this. The following day, the bride was exhilarated with the arch making rounds on Pinterest. A week later, we were getting business calls as a result.

Our cooperation was a commendable strength we prided in.

Keys to success, role, and lessons learned

Success is something hard to come by; however, certain factors are keys to achieving it. Some of the keys to a team's success are cooperation and working together, establishing clear goals, moving together as a team with every member engaged, and identifying roles. With my role as an assistant planner, I was to deputize the planner in his absence. However, I occasionally was called to action in his absence, like in this situation where I learned how I could be creative when duty calls. Using foliage tome a DIY arch was my creation. Nonetheless, this situation taught me that developing a plan B for every event is crucial.




Baker, E. S., & Patti, G. J. (2019). Perspectives on Data Analysis in Metabolomics: Points of Agreement and Disagreement from the 2018 ASMS Fall Workshop. Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry30(10), 2031-2036.


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