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Should I quit my current job and become jobless?


Janet (not her real name) approached me with the above question. She is qualified for the current position with two-year experience in the field. Three months ago, Janet got this new job in a private company. She had to relocate and start a new life. The company does not offer a medical allowance. It offers a monthly wage, which was a slight increment from her previous job. She was so excited about the new job since it exposed her to many opportunities and experiences. The problem started when after the first month, she was not given her salary instead she was given half-pay with a letter of apology. She understood the management and resumed her role as normal. Some of the employees left and she was asked to step in for some duties which were outside her scope of work. Although she had not discussed this with HR, she had assumed that her salary will be increased.


The issue came in the second month when she was totally not paid at all and when she tried approaching the management, an investigation was started on her work. According to the management, Janet was doing less work and her reports were not up to date. It should be noted that Janet had tapped into other roles which her keeping her busy and that it was only two reports that were not up to date. She became more aggressive and demanded her pay (one and a half months). The company told her to be a little patient that the payment will be given to her. According to the streets, the company tends not to pay their workers and then firing them or giving them unpaid leaves

Please quit that job Janet

It is not worth your education and time because the more you stay the more debt will accumulate. How will you be able to carter for your bills and your college debts? Going to work you use money and when you quit you will no longer have to use that money. Some people are unappreciative of their workers' hard work and sacrifice and if it is their pattern, they won’t change not even for you. It will get you depressed and frustrated if you continue working in that toxic environment and they don’t provide you with medical cover. The minute you start showing signs of incompetence they will fire you without any second guesses.

Quitting a job is not always the solution because it will mean that you quit every time you come across a challenge. Job hunting is a very difficult task especially in the current economy where even the people with the qualification and experience still have to tarmac. This should not serve as a reason for staying in an unhealthy work environment.

Reasons that may prompt you to quit your job.

Finding a better opportunity

Paying less than the equivalence of your work

Sexual interest from your boss

Poor payment i.e. not being paid, late payment

Unhealthy work environment

Illegal activities at the workplace



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