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Ringtone Apoko is being overdramatic after assault from blogger Robert Alai.


Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone Apoko was assaulted by Robert Alai which Ringtone has exaggerated the pain and the situation. We are not supporting assault of any kind, it is against the law but ringtone should man up. Netizens are having a hard time believing the pain of his injuries and Ringtone too is not making it easier too.

Change in position of face bandage.

It is like Apoko is not sure which side of his face he is ailing from. Originally, the assaulted side was on the right side of his face near the jaw but as days progressed, the pain transferred from the right side to the left side on the cheek then it shifted back to the right side of his face but upper compared to the first video.

When asked, he said that he mistakably. Ringtone was treated in Kenyatta National Hospital but according to him, the medicines are not working. “If I die, it is Robert who killed me, I wasn’t sick, “he said as he sought prayers from his fans.

After being assaulted, Apoko took the matters to the law where he took a P3 and pressed charges against Robert who was arrested but released on cash bail. The case was heard at the Kibera law court in Nairobi.

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