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Make extra money other than salary


The job-hunting process is not easy and if you get a job from your field of study you are lucky. You are doing your job, serving your country and getting a good salary package, but what happens next? What if you get laid off?

Comfort zone

You feel lucky that after the internship, the company absorbed you and got a lot of benefits and relaxation. The chapter on trying to make money is closed because every month your wages. Does your job ever get boring? Do you just feel like quitting sometimes because you are no longer passionate about your job? Sometimes it’s your bosses, they depress you so much by giving you too much work pressure and duties that are not in your work scope but since you fear getting back in the job-hunting corner you just continue with your job. So you get used to your abusive boss and make it part of your lifestyle but that is not how to live your life

Do something else

Other than the salary, make sure there is somewhere else you are making money elsewhere. Yes for the rainy day. Your job might not always be there. The Corona pandemic taught us the importance of having a side hustle, many lost their jobs and their lives took a turn for the worst. It may just be what saves you from being depressed and getting mental sickness. Imagine not being able to quit your stressful job because it is your only source of income

Pride gets in our way and when we think of generating an extra income we only think of starting a business and the excuse will always be “I don’t have startup capital”. If you wait for startup capital then you will be waiting for the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be business-related but just an investment. You don’t have to start big, just set up something small and give it your best and it will grow.

Some ways of generating an extra income other than your salary

Event planning


You tubing


Setting up a business

Real estate

Art (painting,acting,music,photography)




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