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Lets honor and respect the dead


Death has been part of us Since Abel’s time and up to date we are still not used to the idea of our loved ones dying. When people die especially our loved ones, an impact in our lives is made. Mourning for the dead is overrated. People unpleased and dishonor the dead in form of ‘mourning’.

   In their time with us alive they struggled with their businesses, made sacrifice, did unspeakable things so that you would be taken care of when they did. They don’t want their generation to suffer but the sad truth is that their generation suffers anyway. The reason being they have refused to honor the dead.

In the African context, ‘honoring and respecting the dead’ means something kinky and you will be surprised to hear the ways in which the dead are honored.Ceremonies,rituals,naming children after the dead. But here it’s used figuratively. So in her time alive, that elder wife to that man with four wives and twenty children with different education levels will make sure that those children are united and are at peace with each other. This woman being their uniting factor, they will have peace with each other but the moment their uniting factor is gone, they disunite in worst ways than before.

Is this really fair to the dead? Grief is okay and some behavior will be justified but when it becomes long term then it becomes too much. The best way to appreciate the dead is by continuing the legacies of our loved once who have departed and making them bigger.

  If your mother was in business and wanted you to inherit that business when he is gone, do not fight over it with your siblings because it will fail. Instead, make that business grow three times bigger than what you were left with. This is how your loved once will have peace .If your big sister united the family and she dies, to honor her memory, you have to be stronger than ever. May all the departed souls have peace in their next life.


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