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Legacies decided to reenact The Vampire Diaries:A review of Legacies season 3 Ep 3


Was vampire Diaries a TV show or reality, according to Legacies? Of course, it was a reality since some characters like Alaric came from Vampire Diaries. Of course, it will be weird if a character went from a TV show into existence, but Season 3 Ep 3 gave us a hard time figuring that out by having a musical play of Vampire Diaries in Legacies.

Legacies is a spinoff of majorly vampire diaries. We cannot ignore The Originals, a spinoff of Vampire Diaries, too, since Hope, the main character of Legacies is the daughter of Claus. She happens to be the main character in Originals. So for you to fully understand Legacies, you must have watched The Originals and Vampire Diaries so that when the names Stephan, Bonnie, Elena and Damon are mentioned, you are familiar with them. Although you can still understand and enjoy the show without watching its predecessors.

A summary of Vampire Diaries

The creators of Legacies wanted to make the people watching Legacies without Vampire Diaries a summary of it in a musical, Salvator the Musical. The episode begins like other episodes with a monster from Malivor, and Landin is asked to create the Musical because he is human and so. Alaric was naturally cut from the Musical because it would be weird for him to watch his reality in a play by being asked to go to a romantic break. Hope and Landin are broken up talking of romance, and since it is 'Hopes' family in question, she chooses not to participate or assist in the musical.

Preference of Damon to Stephan

Some creators of Vampire Diaries are the same ones with Legacies, and truth to be told, they favoured and preferred Damon to Stephan. They even changed the storyline to suit Damon, and he even gets the girl in the end. But, according to the books, Stephan is the one who ends up the girl. Anyway, during the audition in The Salvatore, the musical, everyone auditioned for Damon's role and only had one Stephan who kept the musical going.

Accuracy of the storyline

Landin refers to Vampire Diaries as a show "I think the show is about never giving up on love no matter what".  But other than that, the Musical gives a precise happening of significant events in the vampire diaries, the love triangle and Caroline's jealous nature. Although it was omitted, much of the objective was achieved. Even the part where Nina Dobrev (Elena) left the show and put to a sleeping spell was reincarnated by Joss, who played Elena having her hand broken and going to the dorm. Hope stepped in to save the show at the end with the letter his father wrote for him reuniting her with Landin.

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