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Kasarani man from Roysambu who murdered a woman in Airbnb identified via CCTV


Nairobi – The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is still investigating the mysterious murder of a young woman in Roysambu.  Nairobi – The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is still investigating the mysterious murder of a young woman in Roysambu.  According to the initial police report, the suspect booked the one-bedroom house over the counter at Jully Mini Supermarket.

Detectives investigating the case have been having difficulty determining the identity of the man responsible for the heinous murder. 

Details about the murder suspect in Roysambu 

However, Citizen TV reported that the detectives made a breakthrough after accessing CCTV footage from neighboring buildings, which revealed the main suspect's clear face. 

The suspect is seen walking while talking on the phone outside a shop adjacent to the building where the body parts were discovered around 4.20pm on Saturday, January 13. He walks straight to the cashier and hands him his phone, after which the cashier hands him a key and returns his phone. 

 According to the video, the suspect, who was wearing a white cap and spectacles, appeared to be in a hurry. He returned after five minutes and handed over the payment to the cashier before leaving, still holding a black bag firmly in his hands. This was the last time the suspect was caught on camera, as he failed to return the keys the next day as agreed.  

What you need to know about the Roysambu murder case

Risper Muthoni, the owner of the Airbnb, narrated to the police how her caretaker discovered the body. A shocking video emerged showing detectives from Kasarani Police Station collecting the remains of the woman from the apartment. Police later released details of the main suspect as captured on the CCTV cameras from the neighbouring building. Following the incident, police launched a crackdown on Airbnb operators who do not have CCTV cameras.


More on the case

Detectives are looking for information on the whereabouts of the man responsible for the heinous murder of a 24-year-old woman whose mutilated body was discovered stuffed in a paper bag off Thika Road in Nairobi.

It has also been revealed that the man used a hacksaw to dismember the body of the woman whose head is still missing.

Police believe the man was hired and carried the body to prove to his bosses that he had completed the mission.

The police have located the suspect in the Ruaka area of Kiambu County, where he appears to have been staying for days, using CCTV footage and phone triangulation.

As part of the investigation, the team visited the area on Monday and requested surveillance camera footage from several buildings.

This will allow them to identify the suspect, whose image was captured outside the apartment where the woman was murdered.

The woman's (unknown identity) family visited City Mortuary in Nairobi on Monday and identified her.

However, because key body parts were missing, they were instructed to wait for further analysis of the samples collected from the body and close relatives before making any public statements about her.

The motive for the incident is unknown, according to police, who added that the suspect dismembered the woman's body, severing the limbs, arms, and head from the torso.

The body parts were then wrapped in a bedsheet and a paper bag.

When police arrived at the mortuary to pick up the body, there were hacksaw marks on it.

It was also revealed that the man had called to book the room using a mobile number registered in the name of a woman.

The owner of the room referred him to a room viewing agent.

He approached the agent at the apartment's entrance and explained that he had been sent by the owner to view the room and needed the key as well as direction or guidance.

He had been wearing a cap and spectacles, which police assumed were to conceal his identity.

He was clutching a black bag, which police believe contained the hacksaw and other materials he used in his mission.

The suspect, who was wearing a white cap and spectacles, appeared to be rushing.

According to police, the suspect made the call around 3 p.m. on Saturday, January 13.





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