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Issue ya kukula fare adressed


Has someone ever eaten your fare? Before you answer it is a definite yess.Being a Kenya adult who has started relationship things then someone eating your fare is not news to you. Eating fare is when you have made arrangements with someone that they will come over then they don’t and in most cases ghost you.

Situations when women eat your fare

1. When they don’t like you at all.

Make sure before you send the fare the deal is closed and that you are not just testing the waters. How do you vibe on the phone? Is your communication at pah? Does she like you? If you’re answer to the questions is a no or a maybe save your money.


2. Sending the exact amount.

Say the amount of fare is ksh.80 then you send ksh.90 (10 bob for transaction) don’t even think that girl will come over. One thing you need to understand is that women love money and if you cannot accommodate that thought then kindly stay single. If the fare is ksh.700 send her that g so that she can even have airtime to call you when she arrives.

So you send her the exact amount and want her to call you when she arrives. How will she do that? With what airtime?

3. Being too nagging.

You have sent her the money but you too paranoid. Okay once bitten twice shy but ease. She has told you she is coming so you just sit back and wait for her to come don’t ring her after ever 10 second to ask her if she is still coming. You are sending her the same text over and over. On what sap you are like ‘umetoka?’ on the massager ‘Beb where are you?’ on sms ‘Beb are you coming’. All these messages are in a span of one minute. There may be traffic too so if she has said she is on a jam then trust her. Women get annoyed with nagging men that they change their decision the last minute.

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Anonymous says...

what if you're a playboy you like to gamble by sending many. You dont care whether thy come or not

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