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Governor Alfred Mutua's separation with his wife Lillian Ng'ang'a is just one of many examples that contravenes the real meaning of marriage


The marriage breakdown in our today's livestyle has become a normal thing. The respect for marriage and its stability that our grandparents experienced is slowly fading away. Nowadays even if people marry in church through wedding costing hundreds of thousands of shillings, it is just as good as ' come we stay. Within a matter of time, they will separate; I dare say " wataachana tu" meaning that, no matter how long they stay together they will eventually separate.

Marriage nowadays is not driven by love of one another, neither is it driven by love of money. If love is available in our today's marriage, poor people would not separate due to lack of money, love would keep them together. If marriage is driven by love of money, rich people like Jeff Benzos, the founder of Amazon and Bill and Mellida Gates the founder of Microsoft who are the richest people in the world would not separate. 

The devil has infiltrated the marriage system which is the bases of human continuity such that nothing really defines what marriage is or what can keep married people together. Poor people who are married break due to lack of money, one of the partners decides to look for greener pastures either by befriending a rich person or the woman returns to her parents home sitting hard economic conditions and her husband's lack of f knowledge on how to search for money. Others become unfaithful to their husbands hence leading to marriage breakdown. For the rich people marriage in most cases is broken due to cheating allegations on the side of the man or the lady. Others are caused by domestic violence which in some cases may lead to death of one of the partners. Others fake the separation just to become more famous by being discussed a lot in social media platforms. Which may bring more returns in their google accounts.

The high level of divorces and separation that is happening everywhere in the world even makes those who are not yet married to fear to enter into marriage. If the trend continues like that in the next ten years, marriage may become an out-  dated culture. People will embrace come we stay or marriage contracts of 3-5 years. Many children will have single parents which will affect their growth and development negatively. Our religious leaders must come up with an agent solution to salvage the marriage system whose foundation is based on the beginning of creation as recorded in the bible and Qur'an. This will ensure the continuity of God's purpose for human beings to marry which is procreation. It will also ensure stability of our nations since a stable family is the bases of a stable nation.

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