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Dear Men,you can have my number but you cant have me


   Gone are the days when you had no interest in handing your number you would lie that you do not have a phone or guess few digits and give the requester. Nowadays they just give you their numbers without any strain but that should not confuse you. It is just a number. It is so simple, they block you or ghost you.

  By receiving their number don't go calling them in the middle of the night calling them 'Baby' their baby is lying next to them and you might just be in trouble. I was listening to a story on the radio where a man was very bitter with a woman because she had given him her phone number and then when he tried calling it was a man who picked.


The man admitted to sending the woman abusive text messages. The woman ignored the messages but the man was so bitter that he kept calling on and on until he was eventually blocked. According to him, that woman was a whore because although she had a man already, she did not hesitate from giving him her phone number. When someone requests your number does that mean that they are into you?

  Getting a number from someone should not be a big deal since even if you force her to give you her number, she will block. So when getting her number, be smooth about it. Also after getting it to play cool. A few hours ago their phone number did not exist in your phone book but you want to torture their souls by calling them every time

Why did you get my number?

There is some category of people too who will be so persistent on getting your contact but when they get it nothing happens. They neither call you or even send you a message and no they have not forgotten about it since the next time you meet they will indeed remind you that they have your contact. So why did they even bother getting it?

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