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Are we safe dating law enforcement?Caroline Kagongo on the run after killing two of her past lovers


From having military training to having acess to ammunition and familiarity witb the law,can we date law enforcement and be safe?What happens when the love turns sore?Caroline Kagongo,a police officer in Nakuru,is on the Kenyan's most wanted list after she allegedly killed two men who she had been involved with in the past.

The mother of two has been an excellent and hardworking police officer.Her determination has been seen through furthering her studies and quickly climbing the ranks in the force.Her superiors have not had any alarms since she was performing her duties well until the recent activities

Shock to family and friends

From the talk of her collegues,friends and family,the mother of two was a stable young woman who was charming and loved by everyone.John Ongweno was her first victim who was a police constable of Kasarani Police was found shot dead in a car using a silensor.The next victim was a man in Thika with whom they spent quality time together drinking alcohol and later took a guest room only to be found dead and Caroline flown from the scene.

Dead men dont tell tales

It is impossible to establish whether the two men are the only once she has killed because from being good to being bad might have just made her leave a trail of bodies behind.What crimes did the dead commit to Caroline?This is a question that will remain unanswered because it is Caroline who decides the jufgement of her victims.If the pattern could be known then her other romantic patners could be warned and be kept in safe custody.

 Being on the run and headlines of every news outlet,she is desperate and that might land her into other crimes.She is suspected to be either in Kisumu or Kisii although her wherabouts have not been established.If you have wronged Caroline in anyform in the past then take extra security measures.Her photos are trending on news outlets if you see her alert the nearest police or the media.


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