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All You Must Know: Publicist Muhumuza Brian Bishanga

Jul 23, 2024 15 Min Read


Publicist MUHUMUZA BRIAN Bishanga — What’s beyond prolific?

Artwork by Kaptain Reagan Mugerwa II

Vision Statement:

“I aspire to champion inclusivity, foster teamwork, and contribute to a peaceful society in alignment with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. Through storytelling and partnerships, I aim to amplify voices, inspire positive change, and actively build a globally connected, sustainable, and equitable world.
Driven by humanity, my mission is to empower refugees, champion children’s rights, advocate for accessible education, lead climate activism, drive initiatives in renewable energy, and actively engage in youth diplomacy.’’


Step into the spotlight with Muhumuza Brian Bishanga — recognized professionally as Bryan Morel. A seasoned publicist by day, philanthropist by heart, and the mastermind founder of Bryan Morel Publications (BMP).

BMP is a team of storytellers who implement, conceptualise and shape narratives that transcend borders through Google profiling, endorsement pitch, Editorial, Executive assistance, Website design, Wikipedia publication, Media liaisons, Events support, Awards and recognition, Crisis and reputation and Influencer content marketing.

Driven by a synchronised focus on goodwill, ambassadorship and corporate social responsibility, Bryan has cultivated a network of private sector stakeholders united by a mission to make the world a better place for all.

A young dreamer who evolved from being a personal assistant to musicians to steering the course with an impact through collaborative teamwork, the art of personal branding, strategic finesse, and powerful partnerships.

What sets Morel apart is service in the socio-corporate arena, early career milestones, a diverse clientele base, and less-explored aspects of his biography BEYOND the glossy world of celebrities. So follow the journey — where the backstage fella takes the centre stage!


Born on August 4, 1993, in the enchanting lands of Mbarara (western Uganda) where the sun paints the sky in hues of gold, Muhumuza embarked on life’s journey with an early twist. Tragedy struck when, at barely a year old, he lost his father in a motor accident.

Muhuhumuza Brian Bishanga at 3 years of age

Brian Muhumuza bishanga appearing on NBS TV ‘Kings Kitchen’ show.

Raised under the steady hand of his uncle, Yowath Mugizi Bishanga from whom he absorbed a pallete of faith, humility, tenacity, and etiquette during this crucial phse, a foundation for his growth was laid.

Fast forward through the corridors of learning — Lyakisana Primary (1996–2006), St. Gonzaga SS Kijjukizo (2007–2010), Sseke SS High School (2011–2012) and Makerere University (2013–2016). At Makerere, the epicentre of his academic evolution, Brian opted to study Project Planning & Management, carving out a niche that aligned with his interest in social work. Each of these institutions contributed to a riveting tale etched into the memoirs of his life.


In addition to his magnetic personality seamlessly, Brian blends charisma with a flair for creative writing, quick-witted humour, and an enduring love for literature. He reads memoirs to get an insight into the global society and culture, a reminder of how far he’s come — and how much further he has to go.

During average nights, Brian’s soul comes alive to the rhythm of ballads, with Mariah Carey, Kevon Edmonds, and the powerhouse vocals of Jennifer Hudson enriching his nocturnal endeavours.

Brian Muhumuza Bishanga 2020 — Covid 19 Times Magazine.

Meditation becomes his sanctuary, a quiet space where he rejuvenates his spirit and finds balance. Brian enjoys cooking, blending flavours with the same finesse he employs in crafting words.

Charity is not just an activity for Muhumuza; it’s a calling, a purpose that adds depth to his existence. This commitment began in his youth, serving dinner to his neighbourhood every Thanksgiving.

Yet, there’s more to this multifaceted persona. Chill phases become a crucial part of his ‘me’ time — moments of repose where he recharges, recalibrates, and emerges stronger. And amidst it all, friendliness becomes the thread that makes connections, a trait that bridges gaps and brings people closer where necessary.

In the world of Muhumuza, personality is merely a trait but self-discovery, expression, and a heartfelt impact in its own right.


As a student from Makerere University (School of Long-Life Learning), Muhumuza secured an intern placement at the Banda Community Centre, an Information, Communications, and Technology hub in Central Uganda. This experience marked a pivotal moment in his journey fostering collaborations with influential people in the industry including journalists, copywriters, editors, graphic designers, photographers, choreographers, videographers, and digital trailblazers.

This dynamic lateral process required continuous learning, adaptability, and a proactive approach to professional development as he organised student debates, university alumni conferences, and talent shows.


✯ On 8th March, 2014, as an accredited fan, Bryan Morel represented singer Iryn Namubiru and her management at the Airtel Women’s Day concert, headlined by Jamaican artist Nyanda Thorbourne of Brick & Lace fame, held at Kampala Garden City.

Iryn Namubiru and Muhumuza at Kampala Serena in 2016


Whilst administrative and media support at Diva Awards Afrika, Bryan Morel and team awarded Ugandan entertainers Juliana Kanyomozi, Halima Namakula, Roz Marie Atim, and Afrigo Band’s Joanita Kawalya at the pre-season launch party of the awards.


These amongst other memories provide context to the overall eventful career life of Muhumuza Brian — focusing on the most impactful aspects alongside dedication and the adversity met but overcame along;


End of year Luncheon and Donations

Collaborated with music artiste Rickman Manrick and poultry supplier Yo Kuku in an end of year charity Festive dubbed Ndi Muto where over 1000 kilograms of chicken were donated to the ghettos of Bakuli in a christmas luncheon including other domestic give-aways worth millions of shillings that brought a smile on many.

Ugandan sensational music artiste Rickman Manrick and Brian Muhumuza flanked by poultry supplier Yokuku executive Mohammed 2023.


UN Diplomatic ENVOY — Thailand

Chosen as a country envoy to the United Nations (UN) Best Diplomats Conference for Young Leaders and Changemakers in Bangkok Thailand, preparing future luminaries in the post-pandemic era.



Environmental Advocacy India

Served as the national director for Africa title winner Judith Heard at Miss Environment International pageant in Mumbai India, on top of campaigns centred around plastic collection, recycling initiatives, and tree planting sustainable change activity in Uganda.

THE RISE & RISE of Muhumuza Brian


Youth Diplomat-International Youth Conference

Muhumuza participated in the 2022 International Youth Conference 6 held in New York, USA. The event was organised by Generation Next in collaboration with Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui of the City of Cambridge supported by the United Nations Department of Global Communications and UN Habitat.



Desire Luzinda Foundation — Philanthropy

✯ Served as the Executive Assistant at the Desire Luzinda Foundation, playing an event coordinator role in the launch of the NGO alongside Kampala Serena, Fenon Events and icandy, as well as outreach activities, and executing content marketing strategies.

Desire Luzinda Foundation 2020 led by Muhumuza Brian Bisahanga

✯ Donated sanitary pads to Uganda Christian University students to address the vital sexual reproductive health (SRH) challenges, heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sheilah Gashumba — Driving Partnerships and Strategic Campaigns

✯ Pitched and shone approach for the endorsement of Tecno Mobile and TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba, driving the promotion of Camon Tecno 12 phone series.

✯ Coordinated Sheilah’s media campaigns and content creation days during collaboration with esteemed companies such as Yokuku, Martinellis, Pulse Uganda, Honey TV and Yellow Card App.


World Day Peace Tribute — Rwanda

To commemorate World Peace Day, Bryan paid a poignant gesture and wound-healing visit to the Rwanda Genocide Memorial Center, paying tribute to over 250,000 souls interred there as victims of the 1994 ethnic violence that scarred the nation.

Angella Katatumba Development Foundation (AKDF)

While doing Promotions Management at the Angella Katatumba Development Foundation (AKDF), Bryan is credited for being on top of:

✯ 2016: Receiving a coveted invitation from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to attend and perform at the United Nations (UN) World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey.

✯ 2016: Coordinating Mulago Yaffe charity concert, a collaborative effort with diplomats and the Uganda Cancer Institute, resulting in UGX 25 Million in proceeds, all dedicated to a fight against cancer and raising health care at Mulago National Referral Hospital.

✯ 2016: Donating a state-of-the- art phototherapy machine and syringe pump to Mulago Referral Hospital, transforming the lives of countless premature babies and shielding them from discoloration.

✯ 2016: Attending the fourth African Union (AU) symposium held in Nairobi, Kenya with a performance by Angella Katatumba, leaving an indelible impression on delegates

2017: Announcing and generating substantial buzz surrounding Angella Katatumba’s music performance at the ‘African Gala’ show in Längenfeldgasse, Vienna, Austria.


Muhumuza’s impact on redefining the role of a personal assistant and publicist is evident through Bryan Morel Publications (BMP). When searching for you online, expect to find a trail of entrepreneurs, entities, and personalities who have achieved top-tier authority in their respective niches. BMP specialises in elevating individuals to a position of prominence through features in leading media publications. If you’re prepared to be recognized and stand out, consider working with BMP. And now!

Muhumuza Brian Bishanga Profile cover page 2019 — Designed by Eden Magala of Ndugu Designers

In 2015, Muhumuza’s career as a publicist/personal assistant commenced, evolving from a mere hypothesis to a proven reality. Since then, Brian, both individually and through Bryan Morel Publications, has consistently represented a diverse array of platforms including Forty Under 40 Awards Africa (Ghana) and multicultural entertainers Sarah Mulindwa, Angella Katatumba, Sheilah Gashumba, Judith Heard, Jackie Chandiru, Jerry Fisayo-Bambi, Desire Luzinda, Atong Amos, Rickman Manrick and Sina Tsegazeab.

The BMP Top 30 of the Pops, a monthly chart spotlighting global music creators, stands as the agency’s flagship product, celebrating musical talent worldwide.

Additionally, BMP’s versatile range includes running ads and campaigns spanning fashion, science, lifestyle, trade, technology etc

Office duty: During shoot for Mgo Hasfa of BOOK DRIVE FOUNDATION.



Recognized as one of the Most Influential Young Africans by the Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation during an inaugural ceremony at the British Council in Accra, Ghana.


Won Young Achiever of the Year Award among Top 100 Most Industrious Youth in Africa — an annual list themed Leadership For Next Generation by Face of Fashion Media in West Africa


Nominated and certified amongst the nominees for the 17th edition of The Future Awards Africa in the category of Professional Services. The year’s theme was “Defying Odds, Inspiring Greatness.” in a live Youtube live presentation by Nollywood actors Tayo Faniran and Idia Aisien via YouTube live


Bryan Morel Publications was awarded the Hall of Fame Pacesetters African Chapter Award organised by JUBILANT STEWARDS OF AFRICA (JSA) in Tanzania.


Named the Most Outstanding Public Relations Professional at the AFROPA Awards in Nairobi Kenya, Bryan continues to garner recognition for his impact on the industry across the continent


Honoured by the African Association of Disability and Self Advocacy Organization (AADSAO) in the theme ‘Engaging OPDs in Africa In Zambia


Nominated and inducted Into Forty Under 40 Awards in Johannesburg, South Africa amongst Young Leaders making tremendous changes across the continent


Accorded a Certificate in Applying Artificial Intelligence & Data for Driving Global Impacts from Impact Leaders Connect, a transformative accomplishment that solidifies expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies for worldwide progress


Given Certificate of Merit from the ‘Mentors Network,’ DW Akademie, and German Cooperation — Deutsche Zusammenarbeit, scoring commitment to safeguarding the digital landscape


Honoured at the East African Data Strategy and Capacity Building (EADSCB) symposium for his remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication to driving positive change in the region amongst other humanists, visionaries, and esteemed Rotarians

Overcoming Struggles and fostering Hope

Bryan Morel’s journey is not devoid of determination in the face of adversity.

He has acknowledged his battles with depressive episodes, isolation, anxiety, and psychic pain while at media interviews.

The Covid-19 period marked the beginning of his withdrawal from social and professional circles, culminating into repose seasons. His life in isolation was marked by his transition into several states for months where he was estranged from his family and distanced from his friends.

During such throes of the pandemic lockdown, he served as a bridge between clients and their essential needs, facilitating motorcycle deliveries with unmatched safety. He also reads many memoirs to get an insight into our society and culture, a reminder of how far he’s come — and how much further he has to go. This indomitable spirit shines as a beacon of hope, motivating others to persevere, speak up and walk by faith even amid crossing challenges.

Muhumuza Brian Bishanga on overcoming challenges met along his career path.


Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to be an audience member of one “The Jennifer Hudson Show.” Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award winner is hosting a new, daily, hourlong show from the producers of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Join us live in person at the Warner Bros Studio. JENNIFER HUDSON
Warm hugs and best wishes!!! You contribute a lot to what I’ve become and I appreciate you! SHEILAH GASHUMBA
Bryan Morel Productions is my amazing management here in Uganda! They work on bringing out my vision in not only Uganda but across the continent at large! We are working on some great projects so keep on the lookout. SARAH MULINDWA
Number one manager in the game. He has been working with me for a year now as my PR/PA but he has proven to be sooooo much more. He has now officially been promoted as my manager. So if you need me for anything, kindly contact my MANAGER, Bryan Morel Muhumuza. ANGELLA KATATUMBA
There’s people in life that stand by you no matter what because they believe in you and know what you can be despite the falls you may have, they don’t blame you or ridicule you for the different you, they tell you everyday they love you and simply always have your back! This is one of them. I am blessed to have you and on this day, God gave me you…. Love you big B!! JACKIE CHANDIRU
Do you know why you are called an executive assistant? Because without an Assistant like you, Executives like me are useless. You are the boss of my schedule, supervisor of my task list, manager of my appointments and the Chief of my calendar. Now we know who the real boss is between the both of us. Happy birthday to you my everything.’’ JUDITH HEARD
Sending some love to the world’s best PA, Bryan Morel of BRYAN MOREL PUBLICATIONS. You are unbeatable! Continue doing what you do and more so practising the best virtues that make you incomparable. May God amaze you! DESIRE LUZINDA

Media interviews and features

Bryan Morel’s impact in the digital and mainstream media industry represents a revitalization and reconnection with diverse audiences. He has earned media publications in Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Austria, South Africa, Congo, and Tanzania.

Brian Muhumuza alias Morel Bryan apprearing on NEXT MEDIA’S NBS TV

The Observer double page cover of Muhumuza Brian on his life and career


It has been a high price paid for not following my heart in my previous life wishing I had. I’m glad I’m finally living the truth. I have forgiven those who have wronged me and I do repent for those I have wronged. I’m also grateful for what I’ve done well, and then I go out and help others. I am a tough person who has survived adversity countless times.
My approach to public relations is grounded in authenticity, transparency, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. I view challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities for innovation and growth. This philosophy extends beyond the glossy world of celebrities, delving into the heart of communities through projects that address real-world issues.


In 2021, Inspired by his previous work in the community and employer Foundations, Kyarimpa Cares was founded with a vision to champion the rights and well-being of children and the elderly.

Through dedicated volunteerism and activism, they strive to contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals, emphasising research, power-sharing, funding learning, thinking long-term, and understanding economics as key pillars of effective philanthropy.’’

Morel joins forces with other Goodwill ambassadors to raise public awareness and drive activism for noble causes and plight.

On August 30, 2020, Bryan Morel found joy in connecting with, conversing, and offering prayers for two-year-old Zarinah, who is grappling with cerebral palsy. This experience solidified Bryan’s dedication, advocacy for children’s well-being, engagement and empowerment for children.


Recognizing the importance of nurturing the next generation of trailblazers in the fields of public relations, talent management, and executive assistance, Bryan Morel looks to establish the Bryan Morel school.

This mentorship program aims to provide aspiring individuals with advanced insights, valuable tools, and a sense of purpose to thrive in their chosen fields.

This global initiative empowers students to fully explore and cultivate the youths innate abilities while equipping them with the necessary skills for current and future employment opportunities.

Graphics by Ashraf Ssembatya — Bryan Morel Publications










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