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Acme Medical Imaging


Acme Medical Imaging Background

Acme Medical Imaging operates at a competitive time and is racing with time to be the first to launch a medical imaging product. According to The organization was founded in 1950 in Buffalo New York. The company serves two continents. Its products design teams were based in Arizona and Italy. The software development teams were based in Minnesota with operations basing in Connecticut. Acme is a certified county operating with a certification number ISO 900: 2001, however it still hires contractors to manufacture its products.

The company was headed by a CEO who played key decision roles. He is the sponsor and the project manager. However, he oversees Acme running a project without a plan where there is no established cost, no established scope, no established schedule, and no established effective communication plan.

WIMAX sets standards for Acme medical company. WIMAX is a standard based dealing with wireless technologies. Through this, it makes high speed data usage easier using various suppliers. It provided certification for interoperability with IEEE 802.16 standard and Acme’s faces the challenge to meet the standards.

The company

Acme medical imaging is company engaged in designing, manufacturing, and selling of leading-edge products used for medical imaging. The company suffers from poor planning; from failing to procure board assemblies inside two days and enjoy a 20 percent reduced production cost to struggling to convert to WIMAX standards. WIMAX standards makes adoption work easier for customers by increasing compatibility, expandability, and provision of high data throughout.

The company has despite challenges, has its strengths and opportunities. It has an accreditation with ISO as well as an ability to hire tech-savvy companies to carry out its manufacturing burdens. However, this also presents an opportunity for its opponents to take it on in the competition. Long term employees of a company reduces competition and erodes loyalty, something Acme could strive in order to remain with its advantages (Bhargavan, Delignat-Lavaud, & Kobeissi, 2017).  Moreover, Acme medical company enjoys worldwide market through resellers who are able to redesign its products to suit final consumers.

Similarly, Acme medical company however faces rivalry from companies he can maneuver despite high inefficiency it exhibits. As it shows, high cost of operations block possibility of new entrants into the industry. However, with the fact that the product has to be modified before being sold to the final consumer, there is a chance, a substitute can exists. Acme’s associates have inadequate wherewithal to grasp volume, revenue, and products’ cost targets. The teams is understaffed while the marketing side overcommits to faster launching dates, quantity and price. This leaves the company inefficient and disorganized thus giving its opponents a chance to dominate supplies. Its buyers have options rendering a big threat to Acme.

The product

Acme has two main products central imaging unit (CIU) and remote imaging unit (RIU) which are medical devices. Through value added resellers which added features before selling, the company was able to sell its products globally. The CIU was a hub containing communication network while RIU acted as spokes. Further, CIU managed how data flowed through various RIUs to connect with multiple imaging gadgets to a file server. The products were designed that they availed options for customer companies. They were able to combine both radio and modern into a single or separate circuit boards with modern and radio functionalities. This feature streamlined material bill, although it also required volumes to minimize test and setup costs. Despite increasing chances of communication failures, it had more benefits such as economies of scale and provision of common functionalities across products.




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