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According to to their lifestyles and reasons some people have chosen never to have children at all in their lives


Some people have made it a decision never to have children in their lives. It changes from person to person, some it’s because they feel like they are not responsible enough to have children, some it’s because of their sexuality and some it’s because of hereditary chronic diseases they might carry to their children. What responsibility did God give to you? Where will you be if your parents decided they did not want children?

Some people had difficult childhoods because of their parents. Watching your father being drunk beating you and your siblings, chasing you from your house to go and sleep outside in the rain vulnerable to society makes you feel like you will be the same as them. Perhaps the images have never faded from your mind and when you look at yourself as a parent you see yourself behaving exactly as they did. But this is just fear or maybe an excuse because you are hiding behind your parents' failures. If anything, if you lived a poor childhood then you should strive to be a better parent because you know what you should not be doing as a parent. It is not easy to outgrow the past, but it is best if it was left in the past and the focus should be on making the future better.

Not having children won’t reverse your ageing clock

Are children a piece of luggage? Especially musicians and artists see children as luggage’s and would prefer not to have children so that they would have time to perform and shoot their videos. Others think they will lose their sexy bodies in the childbirth process. It is true you will gain weight, more than you expect actually during your pregnancy journey but after that, you will be able to recover the sexy body your sexy body. Beyoncé is living proof that you can have it all. She has children and still glooming in her career and her body is even more perfect than ever. Not having children will not make you be young, it is your health routine and your lifestyle that will make you younger or older for your age.

Autism, depression, mental illness are some of hereditary diseases. If you have had cancer and fought it and maybe haven’t managed to, used up all your money and saving cancer in trying to beat it would you be willing to pass that pain to someone else? Yes, your children may get the gene but remember that you are not the only one giving the genes to that baby. Half of the genes have to come from your partner and maybe they won’t get the gene with the disease?

Can homosexuals have children?

Biologically man and man can’t have children neither can woman and woman to have children but science is making it possible. You can discuss with your partner the best option to get children may be through having a sperm donor or a surrogate parent.

Children are important in our lives. They are what makes us get up and go to work daily, they make us be better people in society because we want to be role models to them. Choosing not to have children should be counted as irresponsibility. The timing of having these children too is a matter to be considered. Just because you can have children does not mean that at eighteen without any job should be the time to start making them.


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