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Mumbi Maina

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  • Real name: Mumbi Maina
  • Stage name: Mumbi Maina with a networth of $1 Million
  • Date of birth: 14th January 1985
  • Mumbi Maina Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Mumbi Maina's Age: 39 years old as of Feb 2024
  • Social Media: Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok
  • Website:
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Kenya and Tribe/Birth place is Kikuyu Tribe
  • Education: Graduate and Career/Profession is Producer/DJ/MC
Mumbi Maina's Biography in Summary

Mumbi Maina (born 14 January 1985) is a successful Kenyan actress who has also made it to Hollywood. She rose to prominence after appearing in Kenya's successful production, Mali. She has since been cast in a number of local and international productions.

A love for dance

She admired Mariah Carey as a child and aspired to be a star like her, but had no idea how she would get there. In pursuit of her dreams, the actress became a dancer and choreographer at ICC Mombasa Road. Her sister, who had previously worked in theatre, was called to audition for a role, and she accompanied her. One of the judges invited her to audition, but she refused until her sister told her they wouldn't leave until she did. This is how she ended up appearing as Riziki in the 2008 film Unseen, Unsung, and Forgotten. 

She collaborated with Nice Githinji on the film, which was heavily focused on HIV/AIDS. At the 2009 Kalasha Awards, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She continued to enjoy dancing and taught salsa and hip hop classes. Acting was still something she didn't want to do. She would charge Ksh500 per dance class to her clients.

Taking Acting Seriously

The 39 years old -year-old began attending acting auditions, but landing a role was no easy task. While she waited, she got a job as a receptionist. Others, unlike her first, did not come as easily. This was a sign, and she soon found herself in roles in Mali and Shattered, both of which starred Rita Dominic. Both producers stated that billboards would be used for marketing purposes, which was yet another sign for her.

Acting roles

The successful actress was nominated for the Kalasha awards for her portrayal of Nandi Mali.

Mali also had a lot of success in Kenya. Nandi was a divisive character, and playing her took its toll on her. It had a psychological impact on her for about a year. Then she appeared in the film Nafsi as Aisha, a woman who, after struggling to conceive, asks her friend Shiko to be her surrogate. 

Cate Actress plays the role of Shiko. Aisha changes her mind about surrogacy after a successful IVF, leaving Shiko feeling used. This role, according to the dancer, affected her to the point where she had nightmares about losing or killing a child. Despite the difficulties, she was cast in The Matrix Resurrection in Hollywood shortly after Nafsi.

Managing Otile Brown

Otile used his social media to introduce Mumbi Maina as his new manager.

The CEO of Just In Love Music stated that he is delighted to welcome Mumbi to his team.

“Welcoming our newest team captain @_mumbimaina thrilled to have their leadership on board as we embark on exciting ventures together. Here’s to collaboration, growth, and achievement of new heights 🚀 #newmanager,” Otile Brown shared.


After six years of collaboration, Otile parted ways with his previous manager Joseph Noriega in June 2023.

In a statement posted to his social media accounts, the musician described his journey as "incredible."

He did, however, express gratitude to Noriega, saying he was instrumental in making him the star he is today.



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