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Nov 20, 2023 2 Min Read

Bridget Shighadi

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  • Real name: Bridget Shighadi
  • Stage name: Bridget Shighadi with a networth of KES 10 million
  • Date of birth: 15th September 1990
  • Bridget Shighadi Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Bridget Shighadi's Age: 34 years old as of Jul 2024
  • Social Media: Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok
  • Website:
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Kenya and Tribe/Birth place is Taita Taveta Tribe
  • Education: Graduate and Career/Profession is Film - Actor/Actress
Bridget Shighadi's Biography in Summary

Bridget Shighadi is a Kenyan actress and entrepreneur whose face has become well-known among Kenyan telenovella fans. She made her debut in Citizen TV's Maria drama series and is now playing Yola in Citizen TV's newly premiered Zora drama series.

Sofia on Maria Drama Series, Bridget Shighadi
Bridget Shighadi is best known for her role as Sofia in Citizen TV's Maria drama series. Zora took over the drama series. Bridget was one of the drama's main characters. Bridget used to co-star with major characters such as Brian Ogana (as Luwi) and Yasmin Said (as Maria).

She played an evil, greedy woman who forced her way into marrying the son of a wealthy family, Luwi. When her father-in-law died, she would inherit everything that belonged to the family.

Sofia even conspired with the doctor to stage a pregnancy in order to entice the family into a wedding ceremony in the hopes of being fully accepted into the family. Her role in the drama caused many series fans to develop a negative attitude toward her because she made everything appear real, arousing feelings.

Bridget asked fans not to hate her in a radio interview. After all, it's just acting, and Sofia's real-life personality differs from what she portrays on screen.

She also stated that her boyfriend gets nervous about her role in the Maria series, just like any man, but he is so supportive of his lovely, beautiful girlfriend.

In the series, however, Luwi did not love her and even planned to divorce her. His feelings for Maria remained in the forefront of his mind. Brian Ogana is Luwi's real name. If you haven't already, read our previous article about Luwi's biography.

Bridget Shighadi's age and birthplace

Bridget was born in the Christian community of Taita Taveta in Kenya's coastal region. She will be 29 years old in 2021. Her family used to live in America before returning to Kenya.





Real Name Bridget Shighadi
Age 34
Bridget Shighadi Place of Birth Taita Taveta
Bridget Shighadi Religion Christianity
Bridget Shighadi Spouse/Husband Nick Mutuma
Bridget Shighadi Career/Profession Actress, Business Lady
Bridget Shighadi Movies Acted Maria, Zora
Bridget Shighadi Daughter Name Dua Mutuma
Bridget Shighadi Company Yedu Fashion
Bridget Shighadi Net Worth Kshs. 10 million

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